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Both equally my seven year aged Airedale Meyna and 8 yr outdated lab mix Ellie are on Blue Buffalo since the massive recall. I believe approx. six decades. Their coats are stunning, teeth and All round health are good. Most of my pals transformed to Blue across the similar time. I've experienced no concerns with my pups since the transform. Both dogs are quite active and again have no health troubles.

Caroline, I have already been acquiring the very same problem. My cavapoo continues to be on Blue since we got him a yr ago. We began him on a brand new bag of food two months back and now for the last 7 days he has become throwing up and diarhhia.

To not be also graphic, it's got triggered explosive diarrhea that is like water. The older kinds essentially started out passing large quantities of blood. This originally commenced 5 days after starting off a fresh bag, the next time it started off 4 times just after being set back on kibble.

I tried Blue Buffalo I have 2 Pekignese They each had diarea and vomiting Thae thwe Petland Manaser instructed Taste of the Wild They were sick again and gasoline with equally types Vet told me some of the higher quality foods are far too high in protein and dogs w sensitive stomachs cant ttolerate them moreover they bring about pancreitis and or Kidney problems or failure A lot of recalls and problems with this new things I ve elevate three Pekignese on Iams and no problems My previous on the three is right here He's 18yrs aged artirits some requires meds does Okay thyroid alittle high takes meds however performs my new peke is 3 and Winston the 18yr outdated just one pickks up the toys that Antjuan get out and puts them in the toy box some times he ha alittle hassle going for walks but normally ok I purchase a dietary supplement for the pet store that is the chroni and G and put it on their food Im scared of all the recalls and Unwell dogs Im reading abt some have died Currently Im attempting Science Diet Grownup small Bites They may have existed together time with no recalls if this doesnt do the job its Iams It's worked well adequate to help keep all my dogs to Dwell healthy until sixteen to 18yrs outdated and maybe for a longer time since Winston remains to be kicken

Overpriced!! My dogs hated it.There appetite decreased. dropped weight and my german shepard had diarrhea on it. wouldnt recomend it to everyone. weaned my dogs little by little and retained them on it for three months because it was so dog food highly recommended. What a joke.

A probable explanation that your dogs experienced some problems transitioning to Blue is that You may have been feeding much too much. Of the very first 4 ingredients in Nutro, 3 of them are rice, a carbohydrate. The very first two ingredients during the Blue Basics is meat protein.

I see lots of, numerous five star ratings and many canines almost certainly do great on Blue Buffalo foods- BUT as several people have connected their horror stories and high vet bills when their Pet dog grew to become very sick. I way too had a similar disaster and BB Just about killed my rescued three yr previous Irish Setter.

My two huskies are going through the same thing. Nausea and eating grass while in the back property to make on their own sick. The stools have already been stable even though.

Thanks for sharing & possibly preserving lives! So sorry for your loss want was a way to sue these folks just so they will alter.

I am anxious to listen to the result of this. Was it undoubtedly caused by BB? I have a four mo. aged dachshund on BB now and he or she is accomplishing great, up to now, but your story scares me.

I switched my two cats to Blue a year in the past and within months my 1 cat went into kidney failure and 3 months soon after that has experienced two UTI’s. I have since absent back to my outdated dog food brands food. Don’t squander your funds!

I'm really glad I read through this site! My 2 dogs both equally age ten, poodle and dog food drug doxipoo, happen to be on blue buffalo homestyle recipe for 2 several years without any problems. Starting off in December their stools started off obtaining less consistant. I tried just one flavor Just about every for per week at any given time and nonetheless receiving worse. Lastly, I took them off absolutely and just gave them cooked organic chicken thighs processed with the broth right until they had been superior and went back to the Pet food.

What did you find yourself transforming to if I'd check with, I love the natural ingredients & every thing concerning this food, nevertheless the gas has to halt…damp stools are A further problem

I have two beagle puppies and are feeding them blue buffalo since they were 2 months outdated. They are quite Lively dogs, with wonderful healthy coats. The vets have advised me that my dogs are very healthy & to continue feeding them blue buffalo. Every so often I mix their dry food with blue buffalo moist food being a handle.

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